What is Robax Glass?

How does it work?

Robax Glass is a glass-ceramics material which  is a mechanically strong material and can sustain repeated and quick temperature changes. Inoksan has the patent to use Robax Glass in gyro machines. 
There are gas or electric burners behind the Robax Glass. The burner capacity is overrated compared to the traditional machines to compensate for the heat lost on the Robax Glass.

Does it change the taste?

Has this product been tested?

No. We have not received any complaints from our customers regarding the taste of the product. Actually, it tastes better, since it is cooked uniformly.​
Robax Glass is innovative technology, however our gyro machines with Robax Glass have been produced and sold since 2004 in Europe, Asia, and the Middle east. 

What are the benefits?


Easy Cleaning

Robax Glass prevents any flames or un-burned gas to touch your gyro meat. Standard burners cannot burn all the gas injected, therefore un-burned gas particles will end up sticking to the gyro meat. We have university reports that tested traditional burners and documented the amount of un-burned gas on gyro meat. Use Robax Glass gyro machines and stay healthy!
Cleaning the gyro machine at the end of the day is a labor intensive task. Also, one of the main reasons of burner failures is due to physical damage during cleaning or cooking. You can cut your labor hours and avoid burner failures with the Robax Glass.
Cleaning your Robax Glass gyro machine is very easy. Once the machine cools down, simply apply a glass cleaning supply and wipe out. ​

Looks Beautiful! 

Uniform Cooking

Robax Glass gyro machines looks visually very appealing. We all know that Gyro is entertainment!! Your customers loves to watch while it's cooking, right? Well, add another layer of joy to the whole experience.
The heat is dispersed homogeneously on the surface of Robax Glass therefore your gyro is cooked uniformly. This results in a great looking product and also avoids over-cooked or under-cooked meat spots.​